Silvent air nozzles

Round nozzles
This is our broadest product group, with nozzles of zinc, aluminium and stainless steel and with blowing forces ranging from 0.9 N (3.2 oz) up to 98 N (345.9 oz). These nozzles generate a conical spread pattern.
Flat nozzles
Our range includes flat nozzles of both zinc and stainless steel. Also available with flow regulation. These nozzles generate a broad and flat air stream.
Miscellaneous nozzles
Specially designed nozzles for special uses, e.g. Applications where parts or products are especially sensitive to scratching and blowing inside pipe.
Air knives/air curtains
Used in applications that involve blowing across a wider area. Size, length and number of nozzles can be adapted to the requirements of individual applications.
Bendable Flexblow hoses and adjustable Flexarm stands are used in applications where position and blowing angle must be changed frequently.
Multi-nozzle assemblies. Different number of nozzles depending the blowing force required. Also available with ball valve or for hand-held use.



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