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Airstroke™ actuators are used as a short stroke, high force, single acting pneumatic actuator. Its unique capabilities make it ideal for friction free, leak free, flexible force applications.


LOW COST Generally, initial cost is one-half or less than conventional pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders of the same force capabilities. This initial cost advantage is many times greater in the larger sizes.

WIDE SIZE RANGE Airstroke actuators are available in sizes ranging from 2.2 inches to 37 inches in diameter. The force capability is 100,000 pounds. Strokes of up to 14 inches are possible.

DURABLE FOR LONG LIFE Airstroke actuators are a further application of Firestone’s time proven Airide springs for truck and bus suspensions. The long life and durability necessary for millions of miles of heavy duty suspension use under adverse environmental conditions are also important factors in machine design.


NO INTERNAL ROD OR PISTON Airstroke actuators have no internal rod, piston, or sliding seals as do conventional cylinders. This allows for the design of Airstroke actuators into applications where dirt or grit would destroy the seals on conventional cylinders.

FRICTION FREE FOR IMMEDIATE RESPONSE Since Airstroke actuators have no sliding seals, there is no breakaway friction as with conventional cylinders

FLEXIBLE MEDIA An Airstroke actuator can do its work with either a liquid or gas

ANGULAR CAPABILITY An Airstroke possesses the unique capability of stroking through an arc without a clevis. Angular motion of up to 30 degrees is possible, along with the design advantage of generally less complex linkages.

Style 116 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 1/4''W01-358-7564
Style 116 (2 ply)Blind nuts, 3/4''W01-358-7561
Style 116 (2 ply)Countersunk steal bead rings, 1¾'' bolts, nuts, washersW01-358-7568
Style 116 (2 ply)Blind nuts with installed 1/4'' tank valveW01-A72-7518
Style 116 (2 ply)Rubber bellows onlyW01-358-0133
Assembly weight4.3 lbs.
Style 117 (High Strength)Blind nuts, 1/4''W01-358-7600
Style 117 (High Strength)Blind nuts, 3/4''W01-358-7602
Style 117 (High Strength)Countersunk steal bead rings, 1¾'' bolts, nuts, washersW01-358-7606
The static data chart below is also referred to as the load/deflection (L/D) curve for an air spring.


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